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Top reasons why you can’t miss this Event

A GNLD first. A new destination for new gnld dubai
• Top GNLD Speakers
• Outstanding sessions
• Taste the deluxe millionaires’ lifestyle
• Enjoy the company of other successful
• Share and be part of the World Team spirit
of celebration

Being part of the GNLD Business and stepping up to become a Member of the World Team holds some amazing benefits. If you are part of the World Team, then 2013, like every year, is a time for travelling the world and sharing the excitement of the Opportunity. The worldclass destination of Dubai will be the host for what promises to be a top-notch lifestyle event.

Yes, you can qualify for Accommodation and travel refunds! In GNLD you are well
rewarded for the effort you put in when building your Business.

Founder’s Message

JerryAs is customary, I tend to start off each New Year with a list of resolutions that go something like this: be a more
loving person, lose weight, be more forgiving, be a more giving person. For many years I would generate a resolution list similar to this one and lose sight of it almost as quickly as it was created.

I have eventually come to realise that a resolution should be treated like a goal. Once the “what” is identified, there needs to be a “how”, or in some cases a “to whom”,
accompanying it. To whom am I going to be a more loving person and how will I show that love? How am I

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