Meet Casmire & Ronke Okafor. 

ronke-casmireHi!  We are glad you found us . Our names are  Casmire & Ronke Okafor. We live in republic of Benin with our energetic and adorable son. We are excited and successful Gnld distributors.


I was a former clothing store assistant. After seven years of apprenticeship, my master made me believe he was going to settle me financially as agreed.

I was shocked  when i heard   he had secretly sold his two shops and traveled abroad. I was devastated; it was at this point in my life that  a good friend (Mr. Samuel Obianyi)  introduced GNLD to me.

I started my GNLD business eight years ago, within few years, I built a multitudinous down line organization in Nigeria and beyond; became a President team member and produced another president team member, over twenty world team members earning a six-figure monthly income; and more than a hundred mid-range directors making a decent income from their business.

The business gave me a new beginning. Can you imagine a previously frustrated clothing store apprentice  duped by his master boarding an Airplane headed for Cape Town, South Africa all expenses paid. That was my experience 3 years into building my GNLD business.

I was also at the Excel Centre, London for GNLD’s Golden Jubilee celebration, It was an exciting lifestyle celebration. One week later I was notified to start warming up for the next Convention in San Francisco, California USA. With this kind of lifestyle, even Olive Twist can never ask for more!


As a young girl i have  always wanted to have a very close and warm family relationship.I want to be there for my husband and kids spending quality time with them  every day.But then i was scared that practicing  my profession as an accountant  might deprive me of my childhood desire because i would definitely be caught in the rat  race.

Fortunately, I was introduced to GNLD by  a close family friend and you know what,  i retired voluntarily from my profession the same month i  finished  my youth service.

Looking back i have no regrets but numerous blessing, foremost  of all is achieving my child hood desire,i and my husband work from home,so i spend quality time with him and our son,i  have not written a single letter of application, and together with my husband we have enjoyed free vacations to exciting destinations in the world south africa 6 times ,united  kingdom 2 times and recently vitoria falls in Zambia.

Our  source of income is secure and financially we are blessed.

You see, as an independent GNLD distributor with a ‘been-their and done-it’ knowledge , we recommend you leverage off  our years of experience in the network marketing industry. Yes,  we know  people like you are surfing the web looking for reliable information on how  to start or build their GNLD business.

My GNLD Business .Com is borne out  of a sincere desire to provide you with valuable information on how to start and build your own successful GNLD business.

Are you thinking of starting a home based business?  We highly recommend you start with GNLD, perhaps you are already convinced that  GNLD business is the right company for you and you’re looking for a good sponsor who would guide you. Why not pick up your phone now and give us a call.

We will personally walk with you to build your business, helping you channel your efforts in the right direction.

Are you unfortunate like  many distributors in Nigeria who joined under the kind of sponsor I call  ‘the blind-leading-the-blind upline’,We can still help you.  Make sure you visit this blog regularly to learn tips and strategies that when applied can guarantee your GNLD business success.

Among other things, we offer training and mentoring program to distributors. This program will help  not only in growing your GNLD business but also  help you become a professional network marketer attracting customers to yourself effortlessly.

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