When You Start A GNLD Business

You determine your monthly income. You don’t have a boss who tells you what to do. You become self dependent. You are the boss, the owner and controller of your business. Read More>>>

When You Start A GNLD Business

You determine your monthly income. You don’t have a boss who tells you what to do. You become self dependent. You are the boss, the owner and controller of your business. Read More>>>

When You Start A GNLD Business

You determine your monthly income. You don’t have a boss who tells you what to do. You become self dependent. You are the boss, the owner and controller of your business Read More>>>

When You Start A GNLD Business

You determine your monthly income. You don’t have a boss who tells you what to do. You become self dependent. You are the boss, the owner and controller of your business Read More>>>

You determine your monthly income. You don’t have a boss who tells you what to do. You become self dependent. You are the boss, the owner and controller of your business Read More>>>



Read real life story of ordinary people who have changed their life through the GNLD opportunity.

If We Can Do It, So Can You

TijaniAfeez struggled to find a well paid job that he enjoyed, so he decided to start his own GNLD Business. His mother was so impressed she joined his Business soon after. “We have only been in GNLD for just over 4 years now and already we have achieved financial stability and can travel wherever and whenever we want. Thanks to GNLD I have purchased my own home. We knew we could be successful with our commitment and self discipline. GNLD is more than a business; through it we have achieved our goals and dreams, improved our self confidence and personal development. If we can do it, so can you.”- Afeez and Kudirat Tijani, Nigeria

From Poverty to Prosperity

olanike“Before GNLD came into our lives we were living from hand to mouth. We joined GNLD in 2005 and had to borrow money to start the business. Today, poverty has become prosperity. We now own a car, properties in Lagos and we have travelled to places like Durban, London and Mexico. The GNLD Opportunity has provided us with a lifestyle we could have never have dreamt of living.”

Olanike & Afeez Bello, Nigeria

Get More Out of Life

SaliuI have always wanted more out of life says Abdulrasaq. “I used to be a bread hawker and radio mechanic along with Titilayo. I could not dream because every day was a struggle to make ends meet. When I was introduced to the GNLD Opportunity I didn’t think I could make myself a success because of my low education level. GNLD has brought happiness and excitement into our lives. Titilayo now has time to take care of the family, as well as running the Business from home. We have financial freedom and the luxury of being able to spend time with our children whenever we want. GNLD has allowed us to dream bigger than ever before.” – Abdulrasaq & Titilayo Saliu,Nigeria


Reclaim Your Lost Dreams

As a child Babatunde always dreamed of owning beautiful homes and vehicles, but as he grew older these dreams began to fade. “Working as a Port Worker I could not afford much and life was very difficult. Since we have joined GNLD we have reclaimed our lost dreams, so much so that they have become a reality. GNLD has transformed our lives beyond our imagination. We have a beautiful home, we are driving a brand new car and we live a life of freedom. In GNLD you become successful by helping others to achieve their goals and dreams and that gives us a great feeling of happiness.” – Babatunde & Olabisi Eletu, Nigeria

Showing Others the Path to Success

dakatTeaching and showing people the path to success has always been my passion, says Ochuko. “As an Osteopath, I have always known that my income could not allow me the opportunity to provide my children with the best education that I have always wished for. I needed a change something to ensure this and more. The GNLD Opportunity has enabled me, as a single mother to provide for my family in many ways. It has not only rewarded me financially, but has empowered me to help others who have never had the means to provide for their families and live amazing lives.” – Ochuko & Nannayi Dakat,

Young Graduates Travelling the World

Ajarat & Mojisola Malik,“As a graduate fresh out of school I started looking for a job, but to no avail. Life was tough and hopeless. GNLD has changed our lives completely. We now live vibrant lives and travel to places we could have never imagined, like South Africa, Zambia and Dubai. Seeing other people succeed is our greatest reward and motivates us to achieve more. GNLD is all about touching peoples’ lives positively. GNLD is for dreamers and achievers! Life is beautiful with GNLD.” Ajarat & Mojisola Malik, Nigeria

 Become a Dream Achiever

RabiuRabiu and his family lived a hard life. “Life was tough and all we had was my wife’s income who worked as a teacher, it was a daily struggle to make ends meet. We joined GNLD in 2002 and since then this Opportunity has helped our lives become worth living. It has provided us with personal development, a healthy income and allowed us to travel around the world. Providing the Opportunity to other people to allow them to become dream achievers is what we cherish the most. We now know that success is no longer just financial, but a pursuit of a dream that can only be achieved using the GNLD Business Opportunity. Achieving your dreams and goals brings joy and excitement to anyone that sees it becoming a reality. GNLD did this for my family and I.” –  Rabiu & Mojisola Adepoju,

Enjoy the Journey to Success

Abdulgafar & Oyenike Titilope,“Coming from a poor background, we had no hope in life. I was a petrol attendant when we were introduced to this Opportunity. We joined GNLD to escape from poverty and we have never looked back. We now own cars and are building our own house. We also enjoy financial freedom and travel, which are all part of the GNLD lifestyle. Our family is growing stronger everyday because of the excellent products. With GNLD our future is secure. Success is a journey not a destination.” Abdulgafar & Oyenike Titilope,

Achieving Quality of Life with Quality Products

OkohBeing a pharmacist, Kelechi is very sceptical of claims made by supplement manufacturers. “We started using the GNLD Nutritionals and the benefits were quickly and clearly visible. We were amazed. The health of our entire family is superb. We are hardly ever ill and when we are, the recovery time is dramatically shortened. The add-on benefit of GNLD is that our bank balance is much healthier than before we joined GNLD. The products and Opportunity have been life changing. GNLD is our total well-being partner.”-Kenneth & Kelechi Okoh,

Good Health, Good Wealth

Azeez & Taiwo Lawal,“Before the success I achieved in GNLD I was a roadside trader and things were very difficult for my family and I. GNLD has given us hope for the future . GNLD’s quality Products have allowed us to enjoy exceptional health and the Opportunity has allowed us to live an unbelievable lifestyle. We recommend anyone who wants to see the bigger picture of what GNLD is about to attend a Company Event. With GNLD as your partner you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”Azeez & Taiwo Lawal,

Get Started and See for Yourself…

Blessing & Felicia Ezeokafor,“Life before GNLD was really tough. Every day we went to work and would have nothing to show for it. We thought we would never be able to achieve any of our goals and dreams. We never knew what GNLD was when it was first introduced to us, but we believed in our Sponsor. Now, thanks to this wonderful Opportunity, we have travelled to places we would never have been able to and meet great people every day. Get started and see for yourself.”Blessing & Felicia Ezeokafor,

Living It Up – Debt Free

Boniface & Favour Nworie,GNLD has put smiles on our faces. Since joining we were able to pay off a debt of N2 million. We now live in a lovely apartment, own land, have a car and our children attend good schools. Looking back to the kind of life we lived before seeing this great Opportunity, we can only but marvel at the success we have achieved. Everyone needs to be part of this wonderful Business Opportunity, because it empowers and motivates you to succeed. It’s also inspiring to see people we introduced into this Business achieving their goals. Life is really good with GNLD.”Boniface & Favour Nworie,

You too can rewrite your financial story starting toady.
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55 Responses to Testmonials

  1. Nkem says:

    Can one person handle it alone or must i have a partner? I have always been interested in Gnld right from the first time i knew about it in 2007. I know i have wasted time by not joining, but i need clarity and direction. Thank you. I await your response.

  2. Chineke Bitrus k says:

    I love gnld from the day i had about it and erolled in 2013 but my greatest chalange is how to grow, & money to buy d product. Is there any other medium i can apply in order to change my biz lifestye, i cal 4 help to my leaders in d biz

  3. azeez taiwo says:

    My qustn. Z dat if u ave sponsor cutting ur point wot tinz can I do pls I need ur help @leader.

    • admin says:

      Hi Azeez, There’s nothing like your sponsor cutting your point in GNLD. Once processed (your point), it can’t be tampered by anyone.

  4. TONY says:

    i want to testify next year too…


    Why gnld did not have a company or hubs in benin republic, and people are suffering to enter border and do there business there.

    • admin says:

      Hi Abdulsalam, GNLD is working on that – in few months from now, maybe by oct 2015 there would be a new DC in Benin Rep

  6. Emmanuel ugwu says:

    pls admin, I av been a distributor for p
    ast six months now. pls what can I do to move my business to the next level bcos I strongly believe dat I must succeed in this industry.

  7. fortune says:

    is there anything one can loose if his/her 100pv is not in place?

  8. busayo says:

    please i join sometime in 2013 but have stop for sometime due to finance if i want to continue now what did i need to do

  9. please help me with detail explain on how to make good primary, secondary and direct prospective

  10. Kingsley Ana says:

    Hi, I am a GNLD distributor my major challenge in this busizness is the money to run my monthly pv. pls i need help.

  11. adeleye joshua oluwaseun says:

    am just a distributor in the business.but I don’t know how to get the money to run my PV.

  12. Ahmed olaide says:

    Spark,no matter wat happen,dont jst knw how to quit

  13. Jelil says:

    Am a member of GNLD business but what i need is that how can i build my business to 5 diamond director, because i need more knowledge about GNLD business

  14. Joseph Nino says:

    Pls i just joined a gnld affiliated industry here in ph, bt cant increase my pv due to lack of cash… Pls wat do i do?

  15. Emmanuel says:

    I love the NEOLIFE opportunity from the day i joined the business in January 2015 but my greatest challenge is how to grow the business, sell the products & money to buy d product. Is there any other medium i can apply in order to
    change my biz lifestyle? I’ll be grateful for your response.

  16. emmanuel oluwashola says:

    hw can i build my business for nobody 2 somebody… Plz help me

  17. Damola says:

    I attended the seminar yesterday at Central Area in Abuja, but I still don’t really get the message and the mothod in which I will make money from the business, can I ask some confusing question pls

  18. Adejimi Thomas says:

    l have been battling with rejection on product sharing
    since my inception to this opportunity seven month ago, pls what can i do?

  19. Frederick Babary says:

    I am a student and still running the business. But I am having tough time in school. What should I do?

  20. Odii Emeka J says:

    sir,please I want to join the business but I don’t have enough details of it based on how I will start and how I will be making a profit, please advice me

  21. Wawo! Life is good with GNLD join today

  22. Yinka Okoh says:

    I am a new distributor. I am out of contact with my sponsor, do I order for products to make my monthly 100pv using my PIN which my sponsor sent to me.

    I discovered that GNLD South Africa, USA, Canada etc have a customized E-Commerce site containing online shopping cart, all GNLD products etc which distributors can request for with a token for online marketing. Is this service not available to Nigerians? If it is, how do I get it and how much does it cost?

  23. Yinka Okoh says:

    I mean ‘how do I order for products from GNLD as a distributor using my PIN’?

  24. Marcus says:

    Helo sir, my name is marcus, i registered wit gnld in port harcourt and 1 month, my sponsor quitted, an 2 months later my upline and up upline also quitted. And am left wit no sponsor or upline except my leader in lagos. So how can i do?

    • admin says:

      Hi Marcus, If your uplines are no longer in the business it doesn’t matter. Go ahead with your business – you have your ID, right. Remember, you are an independent distributor. Be sure to update your bank account so as to get your monthly bonus sent directly to your bank.

  25. Minhinto Moise says:

    Hello sir, I am delighted to be
    dropped on your site. I am GNLD
    distributor in Benin for a long
    time but I have not yet had
    success. I would like to have a
    duplicable Internet system to
    evolve well in my business. I
    hope your answer. Thank you

  26. How can i become a sapphire director in six month.

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